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What's in the Box? One Daughter's Huge Surprise

Many of us can barely handle dropping our kids off at school, much less a couple weeks at camp. But for one military dad, who, according to CNN, hadn't seen his daughter in two years, he wanted to make their reunion extra special.

Sergeant Francesco Valenti was hiding in a pink box in the middle of his daughter Alexa's school gymnasium in Stevensville, Mont., in an event which school officials pretended was a surprise for a random student. Little did Alexa know what would be inside the box, and she couldn't be more shocked and happy.

Working with Francesco Valenti, Alexa's kindergarten teacher Julie Bauchman felt the need to help make this surprise happen. "This was such a great way to show her and him how much we love them and appreciate everything that their family's had to go through," said Bauchman, according to CNN.

Watch the video below to see the magic.

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