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Elementary School Choir Covers Pharrell's 'Happy,' and It's Adorably Awesome

Detroit kids' choir covers Pharell's 'Happy'

We're not sure what you were singing in elementary school, but just about the coolest thing our choir ever did was a slightly depressing cover of Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence.

Luckily for the kids at the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences, their repertoire includes some much more upbeat numbers. This week, their cover of Pharrell's infectious song Happy quickly went viral, after a recent performance was posted to YouTube. And can we just say, it is all sorts of awesome. Between the two impressive lead singers, the adorable dance moves of the choir, and their genuine and contagious happiness, they made us forget this is roughly the 40 millionth time we've heard the song this year.


Image via YouTube

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