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Mommy Blogger Is Shocked to See Where Her Photos Wind Up

Somewhere in between all of our daily tweeting and Instagramming, it can be easy to forget that everything we say, do and share isn't just out there for others to judge—it's also totally up for grabs. As in, complete weirdos could technically take anything of ours and repost it in any manner they choose.

One mommy blogger from Salt Lake City, Utah, recently learned that lesson the very hard way, after several of her totally PG photos wound up on an XXX porn site ... in a very not-PG way.

Melissa Esplin discovered her photos had been repurposed late last week. There, staring back at her from her computer screen, was her own photo, placed next to someone else's body in what ABC News will only describe as being "very graphic." (Which can't be good.)

And if you think that's bad, just keep reading.

Esplin's full name, home city and (this is the real kicker) link to her Facebook page were pasted along with her photo. As a result, she was immediately flooded with messages from strange men who wanted to "get to know her."

Some of them said things like, “You’re pretty, those pictures were really interesting. I'd like to get to know you more," Esplin told ABC. “Then some got considerably more graphic.”

And it gets even worse...

Naturally, Esplin was horrified by the whole thing, and reached out to the porn site immediately, demanding her photos be taken down. The response: Only if you give us $400. (Yes, really.) The site is run outside the United States, and therefore operates under different cyber laws.

“Really? Like I would pay someone $400. Who knows what they would have done with my credit card information,” Esplin said. “I’m one of many women who are extorted on this site every day.”

According to former FBI agent Brad Garrett, who spoke with ABC News about the incident, there's surprisingly little she can do since the site is registered outside of the country. “The Internet is hard to control,” Garrett said. “And there’s not much you can do once your pictures are misused.”

In the meantime, the page where her photos have been posted has received some 60,000 views—and counting.

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