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N.J. Teen Gives up on That Whole 'Suing Her Parents' Thing

Rachel Canning finally drops lawsuit against her parents

New Jersey teen Rachel Canning, who made headlines for slapping her parents with a lawsuit that demanded they fork over her high school tuition, college funds, various bills and some spending cash, has apparently dropped the suit altogether. Considering the teen allegedly moved back in with her parents last week, we figured it was only a matter of time before she gave up the lawsuit, too. (Otherwise, those family dinners could get even more awkward.)

The case was dismissed on Tuesday, after Canning and her lawyer walked into court and asked the judge to forget the whole thing ever happened.

But while her story may just be another blip in an otherwise busy news cycle these last few weeks, we're guessing it will take some time for all of the emotions to die down within the Canning family. Especially since the case itself brought on some pretty fierce mudslinging.

If you need a brush-up on the details, here's a quick recap: Rachel hit her parents with the lawsuit after she claimed her parents kicked her out, with no means of supporting herself, and simply stopped paying for her high school tuition. She later said it all had to do with the fact that they didn't like her boyfriend. But as details started to emerge from the case, her parents countered that it was actually Rachel who left voluntarily, and it was mostly to do with the fact that she didn't want to follow their rules (which is pretty much the story of every teen, ever).

But then things got a little more intense.

As the media's fascination with the story grew, so did the allegations thrown from each side. According to her parents, Rachel had a drinking problem (and an attitude problem). But according to Rachel, she was suffering daily under the verbal abuse of her mother—who she says triggered her eating disorder—and the physical abuse of her father.

We sure hope this family works it out—and Rachel manages to stay under her parents' roof until college comes.

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