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Girl and Her Bulldog Are Best Friends Forever

The bond siblings share is hard to match. Friendships come close, but often can't compare.

Rebecca Leimbach's daughter, Harper, was a saving grace after years of IVF. But upon realizing that she could not give Harper a sibling, Leimbach felt a sorrow for her daughter. She would never have a sister or brother to share that special connection with.

As Harper grew, though, Leimbach slowly realized that her daughter found that kinship in a somewhat unexpected place—their bulldog, Lola. The spunky 7-year-old pup goes everywhere with Harper.

As a photographer, Leimbach began documenting the duo's story. Whether they're at the kitchen table (Harper eating her dinner and Lola asleep with her head perched on the edge) or playing dress-up, the pair has fun.

But it's not always hunky-dory, says Leimbach. About every day or two, there's trouble in paradise, she tells Today.com: "I hear, ‘Mom! She took my apples! She took my carrots! She ate my toy!’" But they make up and everything is back to usual.

“Lola is filling a bit of that [sibling] void,” Leimbach adds. See the evidence for yourself!

Did you or do your kids have bonds like Lola and Harper's?

Images via Rebecca Leimbach

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