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A Rare Glimpse Into Parenting in the Gates Household

What's it like to call the richest man in the world "dad"? Only Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe know what it's like to have Bill and Melinda Gates as parents, but thanks to TED, the power couple provided a rare snippet of what they're like as parents, as well as which lessons they hope to bestow upon their kids, and more.

While the couple is normally very private about their personal lives, the two did open up recently at a TED talk in Vancouver.

Not surprisingly, they sound like incredible parents, raising well-adjusted children.

The Gates couple squashed any misconception that their kids would be left with billion-dollar trust funds—instead, they are being encouraged to pave their own paths. "They need to have a sense that their own work is meaningful and important," Bill said. He also noted, "You've got to make sure they have a sense of their own ability and what they're going to go and do."

Bill and his wife also spoke on striking a balance between providing enough freedom for their children to go out and do whatever they dream, and showering them with too much money, which could demotivate them.

Ultimately, their kids won't be surprised when they find their parents haven't left them their empire—Gates has made it clear that most of their fortune will be left to their charity.

We love that this family has stayed so private and seemingly normal. Were you surprised to learn about their parenting style?

Image via Getty Images for The Lasker Foundation

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