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Mom Told Daughter Was Killed and Later Discovered It Wasn't Her

One of the worst things parents can experience is having their child die before them.

Unfortunately, one Pierce County, Wash., mom had to experience that less than a week ago, when authorities told her that her daughter, 24-year-old Samantha Kennedy, had been killed, according to The Daily Mail.

When Kennedy's mom, Lori Baker, asked to see her daughter's body, she was told that it wouldn't be possible until the medical examiner had released it to a funeral home.

Baker accepted the fact and began preparing for her daughter's funeral, writing an obituary and informing family. When her daughter was finally released yesterday to the funeral home, Baker and her sister went to visit ... only to realize that the police and medical examiner had made an enormous mistake. That was not her daughter.

"How can you go around telling people their kid is dead without proof?" Baker noted in outrage.

The body was returned to the medical examiner and properly identified.

How could something like this happen in today's age of technology and DNA testing? According to the medical examiner's office, those processes take a long time to run and are very expensive. Prior to this incident, the office identified bodies either with identification like a driver's license or distinctive features, like tattoos (which is how Kennedy was supposedly identified). The Daily Mail reports that, "The medical examiner [...] will be adjusting their practices in light of this incident."

Kennedy, however, is still missing. Her mom is hopeful and is aiding in her search.

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