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Megan Fox Shares Picture of Her Son And Things Get Ugly Fast

Photograph by Getty Images

In the latest episode of the “As the Internet Shames,” Megan Fox of “New Girl” and “Transformers” fame is taking a beating for posting a photo collage on Instagram of hubby Brian Austin Green, herself and their three sons: 4-year-old Noah Shannon, 3-year-old Bodhi Ransom and 1-year-old Journey River.

Guess why haters are getting their panties in a bunch over this collection of pictures of Fox’s beautiful family? Because Noah is wearing an Elsa dress, and in case you missed it, he’s a boy.


Instagram post by Megan Fox * Aug 1, 2017 at 3:51am UTC

Cue the hateful comments that go something like this:

“In MY opinion, putting a dress on a BOY only encourages confusion in the boy's mind which cause long term physiological damage.”

Exactly, in your “opinion,” and you know what they say about those. They’re just like the hole your poop comes out of: Everyone has one. Also, commenter, you’re using the word “physiological,” but I don’t think you know what it means. Seriously? I mean, can we not? What is it about people thinking they can mom-shame celebrities and everyone else for how they raise their own kids?

Of course, that wasn’t the only ludicrous comment; there are so many it’s hard to pick which ones to share. Here’s another:

“She definitely is determining that they be girly with those dresses and haircuts, kids don't decide they want long hair.”

Hmm, it appears this person thinks that children don’t have opinions or likes and dislikes. Wonder if they’ve actually ever been around a child because, uh, yeah they do, and they express them every time they get a chance.

It quickly becomes clear that those complaining see so much more than just a little boy in a dress. For instance, this person seems to think it's all a part of some gay conspiracy:

“These people are so brainwashed by the gay agenda they are programmed to dismiss anything against Islam, trans, gay as ‘hate speech’ automatically filter it out."

Wow, that’s quite a jump in reasoning there, but again everyone has an opinion. Fortunately, plenty of people took the time to leave kinder comments.

“She has said many times that she doesn’t put gender roles on her kids and lets them do/wear what they want. He’s simply playing dress up, like all kids do,” one fan wrote.

Other parents expressed understanding and solidarity.

“Beautiful to see your boy expressing himself. My 4-year-old son loves to play dress up (with dresses) and LOVES 'Frozen' and I fear he will someday be judged for it, and how it will make him feel. I just love letting him be who he is and that you do the same.”

Some even tried to reason with the bogus arguments that letting a 4-year-old be a 4-year-old will somehow fundamentally alter who they grow up to be.

“I've worked [with] young children for a decade. In PreK/K, there has never been one boy who DIDN'T put on the dresses in the costume play center. And hair is just that: hair. None of these things mean anything about how a child will identify—I promise you.”

It boggles the mind that in 2017, sharing a picture of a little boy wearing a dress brings out the pitchforks because people are still so attached to gender stereotypes.

What makes this attachment to gender stereotypes even more mind-boggling is that so many revered male prophets and religious figures wear robes—but hey, if it looks like a dress and wears like a dress, it’s a dress ... even if you call it a robe. And yet, no one bats an eyelash or leaves comments under pictures of, let’s say, Jesus, saying that his long hair and dress are part of the liberal gay agenda. Just sayin’.

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