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An App That Monitors Baby's Heartbeat and Your Mood

It seems as if there's an app for everything these days. From motivating you to work out to helping you relax, there's something for everyone.

So why shouldn't there be an app to hear your baby's heartbeat, even when you're not at the doctor's office? The answer: There is one! Bellabeat, the $129 app and monitoring device, has been available to U.S. customers since February. The company estimates there are about 50 million heartbeats before a child is born. Its theory? You should hear every one of them.

While the app is already pretty cool—it allows you to listen, record and monitor your baby's heartbeat and track important statistics like how her weight changes over time—the newest update, announced today, is especially helpful for moms.

"Depression disorders during pregnancy, which are very common, can lead to other health complications for the mother and the baby," Urška Sršen, a Bellabeat co-founder, tells Mashable. The app's update allows moms to track their mental health over their pregnancy. Every day, users record how they're feeling. Monthly, they answer two questions about their moods overall.

"We decided to add this mood tracker to encourage women to keep notes on their mood day by day so they can recognize these symptoms quite early on," Sršen notes. If the app notices a pattern, it tells users to seek help from their health care professionals. Going a step further, the app even recommends nearby clinics where moms can seek further information and care.

While this update will hopefully help a lot of struggling mothers, and even prevent depression during pregnancy and after birth, Bellabeat reps say they're far from done adding tools to help their users. Plans for blood pressure, nutrition and activity trackers are already in the works.

Image via Bellabeat

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