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WATCH: Baby Stops Crying Once He Sees How Annoying It Is

Baby stops crying when he sees how annoying it is

For most new parents, it's practically a daily occurrence. Your baby begins to whine—slowly and quietly at first—and then quickly and loudly this escalates into full-blown cries and wails. In the early days, you panic. Immediately, you run through your mental checklist of possible reasons for WHY THIS IS HAPPENING. Is it seriously time for another feeding? Oh wait, maybe it's nap time... Poopy diaper? *Sniff* Nope.

Then, after far too much cuddling and diaper sniffing, you arrive at your final conclusion: Sometimes—for no good reason at all—your baby just wants to drive you insane.

Sound familiar?

Fear not, parents of the world. One mom has discovered a simple, yet effective, method for putting an end to all of that.

And it goes something like this:

Step 1. Record baby wailing his head off on your phone.

Step 2. Hold phone directly in front of baby, and press play.

Step 3. Watch him magically stop crying, once he realizes how ridiculous he's being.


Image via YouTube

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