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Firefighters Calm Little Girl by Singing 'Let It Go'

The song never bothered them anyway.

Two firefighters in Reading, Mass., broke out into popular song Let It Go last week, when a 4-year-old girl became stuck in an elevator and didn't want to climb up a ladder to get out.

Kristin Kerr was taking her 4-year-old daughter Kaelyn to a hair appointment and decided to take the elevator to the second-story salon, according to Before they reached the second floor, however, the elevator stopped, leaving Kaelyn, Kerr and her 3-month-old son stuck inside.

Firefighters were called, and they "lowered a ladder down into the open shaft elevator to get the family out," according to Today. While they were able to lift the baby to safety, Kaelyn refused to climb the ladder.

"No way, I'm not going up the ladder," Kerr recalled Kaelyn saying.

That's when firefighters—and dads—John Keough and Scott Myette decided to try something.

“John said, ‘Do you like the movie Frozen?’ Myette recalled to the site. “So she just nodded yes and when she did, I guess my father instinct kind of kicked in and I just started singing the song, and John did, too.”

Kerr said she was "amused and impressed" at this special serenade.

And while the firefighters couldn't coax Kaelyn to climb the ladder, the little girl did become more calm, her mom recalled. The firefighters were then able to pick her up and carry her up the ladder.

“I think she just kind of saw a different side of us," Myette told the site. "Maybe we weren’t so scary."

Photo via Derek Loftus/

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