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This Invention is Genius For Breastfeeding Moms

Photograph by Ta-Ta Towel

The Ta-Ta Towel, like so many inventions, was born out of necessity. Its creator Erin Robertson was in Los Angeles getting ready for a date. She’d just stepped out of the shower, it was summer, her A/C was out and she was sweating like crazy. Don’t you hate when that happens? You just get out of the shower and it’s so hot, you're instantly sticky and gross. It’s THE worst.

Robertson was particularly irritated by her under-boob sweat. She tried sticking towels under her boobs, sprinkling baby powder up in there and even putting on a T-shirt and shoving it under her boobies. But remember, it was HOT, so the t-shirt just made her hotter and sweatier.

That night, after her date, she came up with the Ta-Ta Towel, a double-sided boob-holder with an adjustable strap on the back of the neck so your girls can chill cradled in comfort while still hangin’ loose. You can use it while you lounge around the house, when you’re getting ready, or even if you’re nursing.

"Truly impressed with the Ta-Ta Towel! I was amazed at how comfortable it was — feels like you're naked without being naked! The Ta-Ta Towel was a crucial go-to for me while I was pregnant and breastfeeding! My 'girls' are fans!" reads one testimonial on the product’s website.

The Ta-Ta Towel retails for $45. Three styles sold out during its launch, and you can pre-order now for the next batch if this is something you think your girls just need to have.

Of course, social media is having all kinds of fun with the Ta-Ta Towel calling it “low-key lit,” “legit,” and even pointing out that it is an actual over-the-shoulder boulder holder.

We're not sure we'd wear it to drink our morning coffee, but we'd definitely give this product a shot. Seems like it'd be the perfect thing to have in your arsenal as a new mom learning to breastfeed.

So what do you think? Is it the tits or something only boobs would be into?

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