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Little Girl's Unbreakable Bond With Basketball Player Will Move You to Tears

You may have heard the name Adreian Payne before and not thought twice. After all, as so many eyes turn to basketball during March Madness, a million little stories emerge about the players—from their struggles to their triumphs. But if you only remember one story from this year's games, let it be this one...

Two years ago, Payne and his Michigan State teammates stopped by a local hospital to visit with kids undergoing treatment for cancer. It wasn't an unlikely occurrence, but this time was different. That's where the 6-foot-10 college hoop star met then-6-year-old Lacey Holsworth, a little but fierce girl undergoing treatment for a neuroblastoma, or cancer of the nerves.

Almost immediately, an amazing bond began to form between the Spartans player and "Princess Lacey," as she's often called. So much so that they refer to each other as brother and sister, see each other frequently and text almost daily. What's more, the college athlete even took her to senior night recently, and attended a fundraiser for her.

Watch as this unlikely duo tells the story of how their beautiful friendship came to be:

And watch Lacey help cut down the net at the end of the Big Ten tournament:

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