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Woman Fools Boyfriend (and Entire Town) Into Thinking She's Having Quads—and then Quints

Woman tricks boyfriend, whole town into believing she's pregnant with quadruplets

Get ready, because this story is on another level of crazy.

It all started several months ago, when a Quebec couple—identified as only Barbara and Paul—met online and started dating. Things may have started out normally, but it looks as if they got real weird, real fast. For starters, Barbara dropped a pretty big bombshell just one month into the relationship: She was pregnant, she said. With twins.

Only, here's the thing—as Paul would later find out (far too late), she wasn't actually pregnant at all, according to the Daily Mail. And though her boyfriend was none the wiser, something about Barbara's timeline of events just didn't make sense from the get-go. For anyone who's ever had multiples (or, just read through all of those pregnancy books you stock up on) they're usually detected by an ultrasound around the six- to eight-week mark. But knowing you're pregnant with multiples just four weeks into dating someone? Highly unlikely.

But no matter. Barbara was sticking to her story and, apparently, getting really into this fake pregnancy thing. So into it, in fact, that she started increasing the number of babies she was having each time. Twins became triplets, and triplets became quads ... until finally, she told Paul they were expecting quints.

And because everyone loves a story about multiples, Barbara and Paul's soon-to-arrive babies wound up getting lots of attention from friends and family. Soon, a Facebook page was set up for the quints, with photos of the couple posing proudly in their nursery, and Barbara showing off her fake baby bump.

Friends even donated to the couple's ever-growing stash of baby goods. "I used my personal and professional contacts to get her sponsorships. Others gave her all sorts of clothes or furniture," one of Barbara's friends later told The Toronto Sun.

But not everyone totally believed Barbara's story. The first person to smell a rat was a woman who knew the couple, Genevieve Laflamme. She had recently given birth to triplets herself.

"I gave her tips on how to handle it, where to get financial support, where to get sponsors for diapers," Laflamme told CTV. But as the months wore on, there seemed to be obvious holes in Barbara's story that Laflamme just couldn't make sense of. For one, Barbara was planning to move right before her due date. That would be ill-advised for any pregnant woman, but a mom having multiples? That kind of pregnancy often requires doctor-ordered bed rest, and usually results in early labor.

Then came the biggest red flag for Laflamme: Barbara claimed there was a fifth baby in there just one week before her alleged due date. She claimed it had just shown up on an ultrasound.

By all accounts, Paul was completely in the dark about his girlfriend's lies until a joint trip to the doctor shattered his dreams of soon becoming a father. According to the Daily Mail, a nurse pulled him aside and showed him Barbara's blood work, which revealed she had never been pregnant at all.

Needless to say, Paul broke up with Barbara soon after; and she's since been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Following the whole ordeal, one of his friends took to the couple's former Facebook page to post the following: "This morning, Paul arrived at the hospital believing that he would finally see his four babies and instead there was a team of doctors who waited and did a blood test and told the news to Paul. He is completely torn, he not only loses someone he had fallen in love with but 4 babies who were his reason to live."

And finally, one last bit of shocking news was revealed in the post: Barbara's actually pulled this whole fake baby thing before. Back in 2010, she did it to "at least one other man." Unbelievable.

Image via Facebook

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