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Artist Turns Baby Helmets into Cool Head Gear

When Paula Strawn's friend Kathy asked her to paint her granddaugghter's corrective baby helmet, little did Paula know that she was embarking on a new career.

Now, Strawn tells the Huffington Post that she's painted "somewhere above 1,300" helmets in the 12 years since Kathy asked her for that favor.

Instead of the sterile white color that covers the helmets that help correct what's called "flat-head syndrome," in which babies' heads develop a flattened shape from lying on their backs, Strawn has painted helmets to look like vintage motorcycle helmets, pirate hats and famous paintings as part of her business, Lazardo Art.

Sometimes, according to the site, she adds the phrase "Under Construction," as a playful touch.

Strawn tells the Huffington Post that people sometimes get "uncomfortable" when they see a baby in a helmet and "avoid eye contact." That changes, however, when babies are wearing the helmets she's painted.

"Often, it creates an opportunity to have a conversation and explain what the helmet is for and that it is not a scary situation," she tells the site.

Photos via Facebook/Lazardo Art

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