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Mom Arrested for Nursing Baby While Drinking; Waitress Fired

Picture this: You're out with family after the funeral of a friend. You're enjoying good company, food and, yes, a few drinks. Your baby starts getting fussy, so you make a judgment call. You haven't had enough to feel you shouldn't breast-feed your child—so you do.

All of a sudden, the cops are there, and you're in handcuffs.

This happened to Tasha Adams, resident of a small town in Arkansas, but here's the thing: Drinking while breast-feeding is not against the law. Adams claims she had just two beers while out with family.

Jackie Conners, a waitress who arrived early for a staff meeting, saw the gathering in a different light. "They looked like they were having a good time, just drinking,” she told 20/20. Yet, after being told by a manager to not worry about it, she called the cops anyway.

When on-site, police officers told Adams they were arresting her for endangering the welfare of a child. Adams argues that she was not by any means drunk: "If I’m drunk, [...] I’m not able to take care of my kids” and says that she wishes they had given her a breathalyzer test to prove her innocence and ability to make good decisions.

While few studies have looked into the effects of drinking while breast-feeding, it certainly isn't recommended. Then again, little is known about just how dangerous it is.

The waitress who reported the nursing mother was fired the week after she called the cops on Adams. But she doesn't regret her decision, even now. "If I was ever in that situation again, I would still do the same thing, because that baby can’t speak up for itself," she said.

What do you think? Was the waitress right for calling the cops? Should Adams have thought twice before breast-feeding while indulging in a little (or a lot) of alcohol?

Image via ABC News

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