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2-Year-Old Girl Takes Her Horse, Cinnamon, for a Walk

Some grown-ups have terrible fears of large animals. Totally understandable. Maybe you were bucked off a horse or are simply (and logically) terrified of camels (they are mean). But to children, everything is new. Things we consider worrisome now just didn't seem to be so scary back then.

Take Emma: She's a fearless little toddler who so confidently leads her horse Cinnamon along a snowy road. (Wait until you hear her say "Cinnamon!") She's not at all fazed by the mustang's enormity or intimidated when Cinnamon is following incredibly close behind her. She's simply doing what she's been doing—taking her horse for a nice stroll to stretch her legs. It's the cutest. Watch the video here!

Image via Facebook / Justin W. Dunn

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