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LAPD Officers Save Baby's Life

On Saturday night, Charmaine Gooden was driving around with her 17-month-old son, Javon, in the backseat. "Something told me to look behind, to look in back," Gooden tells CBS Los Angeles. What she saw was something very wrong with her son.

His eyes weren't blinking, and he wasn't breathing properly. Searching for any kind of help, a police car with two officers came around the corner, on a routine patrol. They were truly in the right place, at the right time.

Gooden began driving erratically and honking, trying to get the LAPD officers' attention. And it worked. They came up to the car, and when they saw that Javon was not responding, Officer Andres Cardenas immediately began administering emergency CPR. Javon reacted positively to the chest compressions.

Once paramedics arrived, the baby was brought to the hospital and was kept there through Tuesday night. Doctors report that Javon could have died in his car seat, had his mom not sought help and the officers hadn't sprung into to action. Javon had another seizure in the hospital, and doctors are looking into what might be the cause.

For now, though, Gooden is just grateful to have her baby boy back, telling the LAPD officers, "Thank you so much for saving my baby's life!"

Image via CBS Los Angeles

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