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Girl Who Went Bald to Support Friend Allowed Back to School

We all remember those absurd dress code rules. Even if you went to public school, there was probably something in there that said your shorts must be longer than where your fingertips reached on your legs, etc.

But when schools go so far as to say whether children can cut their hair short or wear leggings, are they crossing the line?

One school in Grand Junction, Colo., told a 3rd grader that she should be kept home from school until her hair grew back after she showed up bald one day. But here's the thing, Kamryn Renfro didn't cut her hair to be cool or to be a rebel—she cut it to support her friend who is battling cancer.

Caprock Academy, where Renfro attends school, has a strict no-shaved-heads rule. But after Renfro's mom urged the school to revisit the policy, (the media attention earlier this week helped) the school's board of directors met and decided to waive Renfro's situation from the school's rule. "Compassion and selfless acts of courage are to be commended and encouraged—in children and in adults," the board said.

Renfro resumed her schooling on Tuesday after she was allowed to take a day off to spend with her friend, who began her third round of chemotherapy in February.

Image via NYDailyNews.com

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