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WATCH: Boy Learns He's Having ANOTHER Sister, Has Epic Freakout

Boy gets upset over having another sister

In this week's must-watch viral kid video, siblings Gunner, Paisley and Harper are about to find out whether their mom is pregnant with another girl, or if maybe—just maybe—it's a boy this time.

Big brother Gunner seems pretty positive that he's going to get a little buddy to pal around with ... But Paisley and Harper? They aren't so sure.

Unfortunately for Gunner, his instincts prove to be wrong, as he cuts into a cake to reveal ... PINK! NOT PINK! ANYTHING BUT MORE PINK!

Watch as his reaction goes from shock to anger to complete and utter incomprehension in a matter of seconds when he learns the news. From start to finish, it's all pretty priceless. (Though we do feel slightly terrible for his sister-to-be—especially since dad says he had the same reaction as his son.)

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