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Mom Gives Birth Inside Nail Salon

New Jersey mom gives birth inside nail salon

We've all been there. You run into the salon for a quick manicure, thinking you have plenty of time, and the next thing you know you've somehow been there for two hours and have no idea how it happened. One New Jersey mom's "quick" trip to the nail salon recently resulted in far more than just a few unnecessary waxings and a back massage—she wound up walking out with a baby. (Yep.)

Anna Rubinstein was actually aware she was in labor when she swung into her local nail salon for a quick mani-pedi before she went to the hospital. But considering she was in labor with her first baby for close to 42 hours, she figured she had some time to spare. As she later told News 12, she figured she had somewhere in the ballpark of 10 to 12 hours left on the clock, so she went ahead and asked for that extra foot massage.

Big mistake.

The mom-to-be's water broke mid-foot massage, and Baby No. 2 started coming fast and furious. Good thing there just happened to be a nurse in the salon getting her nails done, too.

“She laid the woman down in the bathroom, and everyone was very nervous,” Eden Nails employee Nancy Wang later told The Record.

Amazingly, Rubinstein's husband, Sergei, got there just in time to see his son born, right there in the middle of the salon floor. (We're guessing that was quite the scene.)

“I was there for him, not just cutting the cord, but for the whole thing,” Sergei told New Jersey's News 12.

Image via Viorel Florescu/NJ.com

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