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WATCH: Girl Is Seriously Depressed to Be Turning 4

Girl cries over turning 4

Turning another year older can be seriously rough. Spotting new wrinkles, no longer fitting into your skinny jeans, the fear that life is passing you by ... it can all be pretty depressing, if you let it get to you.

But if there's anyone who totally feels you, it's little Paislee Harper, who just turned the ripe old age of 4—and is not happy about it.

Mom Andrea Harper thought it would be nice to film her young twins on the eve of their fourth birthdays, and ask them what their favorite parts about being 3 were. Turns out, it was just the being 3 part that Paislee loved the most. And as her mom reminds her, today is the very last day that she will ever be 3 again.

This is a seriously depressing thought for Paislee, who wants to stop the hands of time (for like, ever) and continue being 3 for the rest of eternity. (It really is a good age.)

Image via YouTube

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