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New 'Baby Suiting' Trend Is Slightly Weird, But Pretty Hilarious

'Baby Suiting' trend takes internet by storm

Forget "Baby Mugging"—that was so 2013. This year, it's all about "Baby Suiting." And if you haven't heard of it yet, it's time to get on deck.

The latest baby meme to come from the hilariously out-there mind of mommy blogger Illana Wyles (aka Mommyshorts) requires three things: one tiny and adorable baby, dad's gigantic suit (the bigger the better) and a little creativity from you.

When done right (and if you need a little how-to guide, you can see that here), this will result in hilariously awkward photos in which your baby looks like a shrunken human. (Or that guy from Beetlejuice.)

No suit? No problem. Switch things up, and stick your baby in one of Dad's cooler uniforms:

Sometimes your baby will cry, because... well, you're making him look utterly ridiculous. Remind him that he is about to become an Internet sensation, and it will all be worth it soon enough.

Love it? Now go forth and Instagram...

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