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Powerful Ad Shows a Day in the Life of Children Who've Lost Their Mothers

Ad shows day in the life of kids who have lost mom

In Britain, Mother's Day is celebrated a bit earlier than in the U.S. This year, it was on Sunday, March 30. As a result, the Brits have been circulating all of their mom-centric ads for weeks. And one short film in particular has been striking a real chord with everyone who sees it.

The film, which was produced by the nonprofit organization Grief Encounter, captures a day in the life of a young boy who's lost his mother. Through every scene—as he kisses his own boo-boos, reads himself goodnight stories, and gets himself off to school—it poses one powerful, yet heartrending question: What would a day be like without mum?

We apologize in advance for all of the tears you're about to shed.

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