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Cancer-Stricken Mom Skips Treatment That Would Have Saved Her—to Give Her Baby Life

Mom with cancer skips treatment to have baby

On March 9, after years of battling a deadly recurring cancer, Elizabeth Joice passed away. She was just a few days shy of her 37th birthday.

But despite the intense grief that swept over her husband, Max, and the rest of her family and friends once she was gone, Liz's memory has been able to live on—in the form of one tiny, adorable little baby: her daughter, Lily. And the story of how Lily came to be born is one that will move you to tears.

For years, Liz, as her family calls her, had been told that having a baby was nearly impossible, since her body had been ravaged by the many rounds of chemotherapy and surgery she had undergone to kill a tumor three years ago. But last year, she finally beat the odds: She became pregnant, and she was ecstatic about it.

Several weeks and doctor visits later, however, she was hit with more news that cut right through all the joy she felt. The cancer had returned, the doctors said. And what's more, she would have to either terminate the pregnancy and get treatment, or continue it and risk having the cancer take over.

Bravely, and without hesitation, Liz chose to do the latter.

"Having a kid was one of the most important things in the world to her," Max tells the New York Post. "She said, 'If we terminate the pregnancy and it turns out I can't have a baby [later], I'll be devastated. She knew this might be her only chance."

A YouCaring.com page tells the rest of the story: Her body weakened by the cancer, Joice gave birth early via C-section on January 23, and struggled as best she could to stay alive for as long as possible. Sadly, she only made it six more weeks, but those were six beautiful weeks she could spend with her baby girl.

In the days since she passed, her story has been sweeping the Web and touching hearts everywhere. But the one person it will no doubt touch the most, is Lily—once she's old enough to learn what her mother did for her.

"Liz's magic rubbed off on Lily," her husband tells the Post. "She's beautiful and remarkable. It provides me with the strength to get through this."

If you aren't weeping enough at this story by now, watch this short video montage Max made in honor of Liz and Lily's time spent together. In the description, he writes only three words to describe it: "Not enough time."

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