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Woman Gives Birth to 9-Pound Baby (Not Realizing She Was Pregnant)

Imagine going through an entire pregnancy ... not realizing you're pregnant. Wild, right? Well, apparently it happens more than you'd think. Women say they didn't gain weight or feel the baby kick, but you've got to wonder. (Seriously? You had no idea?)

Then again, maybe they're lucky; they didn't get the morning sickness or the bloating or the weight gain. But there are also so many joys that come along with knowing you're pregnant, like feeling your baby grow and move around.

This past Saturday, Jennifer Scollin, a Connecticut mom of one, woke up with horrible stomach pains. She went into labor shortly thereafter and had her baby before she could even get to the hospital. The healthy 9-pound baby boy was delivered in an ambulance in Scollin's driveway.

Like many other women, the new mom had no idea she was pregnant. She revealed that hadn't gained much weight and was still menstruating until a month ago.

We're just happy mom and baby are healthy! Congratulations.

Image via Brian A. Pounds

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