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Weightlifting Mom Is Back in the Gym

Lea-Anne Ellison caught everyone's attention when she became one of the first moms to publicly show off that she was doing CrossFit, well into her pregnancy.

Back in September, her story went viral after CrossFit posted a photo of Ellison working out while six months pregnant. Now, she's back with unsurprising news just four months after her pregnancy—she's back in the gym, and looking great.

"I started back at CrossFit three weeks after my son was born," Ellison told the Daily Mail. Most recently, Ellison took to the mats with her son, Skyler, to show off how her body has bounced back so quickly. (Bragging much?)

While we're all for returning to pre-baby shape, this seems a little soon, but the Los Angeles mom insists that she got the go-ahead from her health care providers to get back to her regular routine. Regular might not be the word, though: Ellison was sure to note that she took it easy at first and now only goes two times a week to make sure she has enough time for her baby.

While CrossFit insists that continuing the rigorous regimen well into pregnancy (and even up to birth, like Ellison did) is safe, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists warns against undertaking strenuous exercise during pregnancy. The Mayo Clinic, on the other hand says, "Regular exercise can help you stay in shape, better cope with the physical changes of pregnancy and build stamina for the challenges ahead."

What do you think? Will we be seeing a study on CrossFit for pregnant moms soon? What do you think of Ellison's choice to continue her workout routine up until five days before she giving birth?

Image via Nick Stern/WENN.com

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