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Toddler Attempts to Say 'Thank You,' Drops Glorious F-Bomb Instead

Toddler can't pronounce "Thank You"

Hearing your kid call you "mom" or "dad" for the first time is definitely way up there on the list of all-time favorite parent moments. Hearing your kid say "f--k you" for the first time? Typically not a milestone you want to remember.

Unless of course, the kid in question isn't your angry teenager, but your seriously sweet toddler who wants nothing more than to just say "thank you," but just can't seem to figure it out.

Enter Lloyd Bennison. The 1-year-old was having a rough go of things recently, as he tried admirably to mimic his dad saying "thank you" during bath time ... but instead kept repeating a loud "f--k you."

Luckily for us, it's all captured in one hilarious video, shot by Lloyd's dad Christopher. Watch as baby Lloyd is blissfully unaware of his mispronunciation, while his dad tries to stifle his laughter.

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