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One Dad Shares What Saturday Mornings With Kids Is Really Like...

One dad films Saturday morning with his kid for 3 months

We know you've mourned the loss many times: Before kids, Saturday mornings used to be oh-so-very different. Sleeping in until noon? Sure, why not? Binge-watching an entire two seasons of Breaking Bad all day long? Sounds like a plan. (In other words, Saturdays were pretty glorious.)

Enter, parenthood.

Nowadays, "sleeping in" until 7:45 on a Saturday is considered an amazing feat in and of itself. And those all-day marathons? They still happen. But now it's Frozen playing in the background for the 47 MILLIONTH time while you try and do your taxes.

For one dad—otherwise known as "bottlerocket" on Vine and YouTube—Saturday mornings home with his daughter apparently involve a lot of couch jumping ... and all the Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé you can handle. His recent video upload brilliantly captures a few seconds taken from every single Saturday morning for the last three months. See how yours compares:

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