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Toddler's First Trip Through the Car Wash Is Terrifying (for Her) and Hilarious (for Us)

Toddler is terrified to go through car wash

Before today, we always thought that riding through the car wash was one of those universally acknowledged simple pleasures—one that even adults get a kick out of. And we're not quite sure what it is exactly that makes it so exciting, either. Driving into the darkness on auto-pilot; the hose that suddenly appears and shoots out suds; the giant brush bristles flopping past your window ... it's just so fun! It's like being on a slow-moving ride! Right? Right?

Hmm ... well apparently, we've been looking at this car wash thing all wrong. And this week, a toddler has reminded us of that. In truth, it is one horrifying ordeal no one should ever have to go through. How have we never realized this?

Watch as this adorable tot is forced to endure the wild water ride from the confines of her car seat, with only her blanket to shield her eyes. Her parents may try to calm her, but this kid knows what's up...

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