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WATCH: Students Pull Epic April Fool's Prank on their Professor

Students prank professor in epic April Fool's trick

All teachers have their own set of "special" rules. Most of the time, they're your typical don't speak unless called on kind of rules. Or the goes-without-saying kind, like no texting in class. For one macroeconomics professor at Aquinas College, he's got a very strict turn your cell phone ringer off policy—which is totally understandable. As for his method of enforcing it? Well that's what's a little, how shall we put this ... out of the ordinary. In this class, if your cell phone ringer is on an you get a call, you must pick up—and put it on speakerphone.

Yikes! As you might imagine, that "punishment" is a recipe for total embarrassment for anyone forgetful enough to leave their ringer on. But as one student shows this April Fool's Day, it's also a situation rife with potential comedy.

Just imagine it's the middle of class, and a cell phone suddenly goes off. Your hard-nosed professor forces the guilty party to put their phone call on speaker, but this time, there's a doctor on the other end of the line ... with some very personal news to share.

So goes the scene in this latest viral video, which starts out uncomfortably awkward, but ultimately winds up being one of the best pranks we've ever seen.

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