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Dad Video-bombs His Daughter's 'Frozen' Performance

Thank goodness for Frozen! That movie has given us so many incredible videos to highlight, this one included.

Harley situates herself in the woods, and the scene is set with a soft dusting of snow on the ground. She begins singing Let It Go. However, unlike other renditions of the song, Harley gets an unexpected co-star: her dad. We'd like to believe she had no idea that he was making a cameo—she plays it incredibly cool (so to speak)—but we have a feeling she knew it was coming.

Scripted or not, dad is spot-on with his timing, even adding some of his own flair like, removing his sunglasses at the perfect moment. Just watch—if you're a dad, you'll be proud of Todd for poking a little fun at his daughter.

Image via YouTube

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