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This Supercut of Babies Psyched to See Their Dads Come Home Is the Best

Video shows babies excited for their dad's arrival

If you were less than eager for the week to start, allow us to make your Monday...

Some person out there total genius has edited together a clip of happy babies, eagerly awaiting their dad's arrival. And it is SUPER adorable. Some wait at the door, squealing with happiness as daddy comes walking in. Others wait with the family pup on the back of the couch, pointing and waving as soon as his car drives down the road. They may still be in diapers, and completely incapable of expressing just how hands-down psyched they are in words, but don't worry—these kids get the message across just fine. And if they could talk, they'd no doubt be shouting, "WOOHOO! DADDY'S HOME!" from the rooftops.

Now go ahead and get your daily dose of adorableness:

Image via YouTube

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