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Twins Caught on Camera in Late-Night Crib-Hopping Session

Twins caught on camera crib-hopping

How do you know when it's time to upgrade your little one to a big kid bed? Probably when their hijinks turn into a professional midnight caper, and they climb out of their crib with stealth precision.

Andreas Fiedler had suspected his 2-year-old girls had been up to no good at night, so he set up a camera to catch their late-night shenanigans in action. And man, are these two a couple of night owls. This time-elapsed video shows them "crib-hopping" from one bed to the other so many times we've literally lost count. (We know what you're thinking, but don't worry—nobody gets hurt.)

Their dad uploaded the comical clip to his YouTube page, Twins Make Happy, along with a follow-up of their quest to recover a rogue pacifier, which had curiously escaped their crib.

As he later told HuffPost, Andreas didn't let the twins' midnight adventures carry on for too much longer. He purchased them matching toddler beds soon after he discovered their crib-hopping.

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