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Baby and His Pup Are Adorable Twinsies in Photo Series

Baby and dog look like twins in adorable photo series

Zoey and Jasper may be far apart in age—she's 7 (in dog years) and he's a mere 10 months (in human ones)—but that doesn't stand in their way of being absolute best buds. Zoey's a rescue mutt from Taiwan, and according to Buzzfeed loves hiking and playing fetch. Jasper enjoys eating pancakes (who doesn't?) and going for long walks (or, being carried while others take long walks).

The one thing these two BFFs do have in common? They get a real kick out of each other. And love to pose for photos, side-by-side.

Sometimes they get really into character...

...other times they merely dress for the weather.

Sometimes they geek out...

And other times they just sit back and look like the fly little duo they are.

Their adorable portraits are sweeping Instagram and Tumblr as we speak, thanks to their mom, Grace Cohn, who captures so many of their shared moments. Follow along for more daily cuteness.

All images via ZoeyandJasper.tumblr

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