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Police Officer Delivers His Own Baby on the Side of the Highway

Hawaii police officer delivers own baby on the side of the highway

We've heard a million of these stories before, and yet each new one still surprises us. A mom-to-be is in labor, but she thinks she has more time. Maybe she labored for hours with her first, or maybe it's her first time and she just doesn't know what to expect. Either way, baby has other plans, and before mom knows it she's giving birth on the side of the highway, as passersby stop to help.

For second-time mom Ryan Ochoa, though, she at least didn't have to give birth in front of a crowd of strangers. That's because her husband is Hawaii police officer Mario Ochoa. And while police officers don't exactly get any baby-delivery training (much less the born-in-the-back-of-car kind), he clearly knows how to be calm under pressure. After all, he wasn't named "Police Officer of the Month" in March for nothing.

As Ryan's contractions grew closer and closer, Mario later told a reporter with West Hawaii Today that he urged his wife to hang in there. “I told her, if she could hold on, we were almost there," he said of their destination—North Hawaii Community Hospital on the Big Island. But the contractions were becoming "visibly more severe," he says. "That’s when I called 9-1-1 and told them to get an ambulance rolling.”

Pulling over on the side of Highway 190, just 10 miles from the hospital, Mario threw on some rubber gloves, told his wife to push, and minutes later met his new baby, Marcella Kahealani. Just under 9 pounds, she was a healthy, happy baby from the start—with one pretty awesome birth story, we might add. After all, she wasn't born on the side of the highway in just any car; she was born in the passenger seat of her dad's patrol car. Which is pretty cool, if you ask us.

As for now, mom, dad and baby are all resting happily at home (and celebrating dad's awesomeness).

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