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Lost in Grief, Dad Creates Fund to Grant One Girl's Wish, in Honor of His Late Daughter

Dad creates fund for little girl, after his daughter passes away

As her dad Larry remembers, 2-year-old Savannah Carroll was bright-eyed and full of personality. That's part of how she got her nickname to begin with: Savvy. The father-daughter duo would often pal around in what Larry later called "stolen moments"—splitting giant chocolate chip cookies and happily tossing coins into fountains.

When Savannah suddenly and mysteriously passed away in her crib on April 4, her grieving dad was tortured by the thought that he'd never be able to have another one of those moments with his daughter again. But on the night after her death, as Larry's mind teemed with thoughts, things suddenly became very clear to him: If he couldn't have another stolen moment with Savvy, he'd make sure other parents were sure to cherish theirs.

That's when the concept for Savannah's Stolen Moment Campaign took shape. Larry, who works as an entertainment reporter in Los Angeles, immediately hopped on his computer and started the charity right on Fundly. Its goal? To raise $10,000 so one family can give its daughter the weekend of her dreams—no matter how wild those dreams may be.

“I'm feeling very powerless right now,” Carroll wrote on the campaign's website. “The only way I can handle this powerlessness, I figure, is with the power to give someone else joy.”

And it seems like he's well on his way.

Though it's only been up for a week, Savannah's Stolen Moment Campaign has already managed to surpass its goal—by this morning, it had already reached over $43,600. Larry has vowed that all remaining funds will be put toward a future college tuition for the lucky little girl he chooses.

The Carrolls only have three rules for the people they give the money to: They must be strangers, they must absolutely adore their little girl and they must not be in the position to afford such an extravagant weekend.

As for how the couple will make their selection, Larry already has a plan. “We’re going to sit in a mall, a coffee shop, a restaurant or playground, watch people a little while until we find a girl that reminds us of Savannah,” he told TODAY.com. “She’ll be 7 or 8 or 9 years old. Either I, or my wife, will explain to them about what happened to Savannah, and hopefully they’ll take us up on our offer.”

We sure wish we could be a fly on the wall when that happy day takes place.

As for now, dreaming about that day is what's keeping Larry and his wife Carrie hanging on, “Let us live vicariously through their joy and know that if Savannah had lived to that age, maybe we would have had that moment with her,” Larry said. “I stole a lot of moments with my daughter, but if she had lived, I’d be stealing more and more and more till the day I died. I’m trying to concentrate on the 28 months of wonderful times I had with her.”

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