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Video: Why Do We Find Babies SO Cute?

Have you ever stopped to think: Why do we find babies so insanely cute?

Well, we have. For starters, they have tiny little hands and feet! Their eyes are so big, their cheeks are so puffy and they make adorable little noises and movements ... we could go on.

But there's got to be some sort of scientific explanation behind why humans find babies cute, right? And what about other species—is it just us, or do dogs find their offspring irresistible? What about pigs?

This video by AsapSCIENCE breaks it down for us. A key takeaway? Basically, the cuter the baby, the more likely the parents are to pay attention to it, leading to better odds of survival. Apparently, in the end, it all comes down to evolution and the survival of the fittest ... er, cutest.

Image via YouTube

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