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24-Year-Old Watches His Own Birth Video ... and His Reactions Are Priceless

Tyler Oakley watches his own birth with mom

Having your entire labor and delivery captured on film for others to see isn't everyone's cup of tea. But, at least these days, all you need is a smartphone and a willing cameraman. Twenty-four years ago, though, when YouTube star Tyler Oakley came into the world, his grand entrance had to be captured on one of those gigantic, early-edition camcorders we all remember so well. Lucky for him, his mom still hangs on to the clunky VHS tape that contains all the gory details.

Recently, the now-24-year-old decided to sit down with mom and watch the moment he came into the world together. (Oh, and then share it with the Internet.) And while he does wind up being in awe of the whole thing, he runs through a gamut of other not-so-happy emotions first—like shock and horror, accompanied by some light nausea and gagging. But hey, isn't that to be expected?

Images via YouTube

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