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WATCH: Kristen Bell Shows Us Her 1-Year-Old's Got Moves for Days

Kristen Bell shows off her daughter's dance moves on Ellen

When your mom is Kristen Bell, chances are that you are going to be hilariously awesome. (Oh yeah, and having Dax Shepard as a dad probably helps things, too.) So it's no surprise at all that Bell's daughter, Lincoln, is already quite the character at just 1 year of age.

When the new mom swung by Ellen late last week, their chat quickly swung from how she feels about Frozen's smash success to the fact that baby Lincoln's favorite thing to do is "The Jersey Turnpike."

If you're a little unclear as to what the Jersey Turnpike is (besides a ridiculously busy highway with way too many tolls), you're not alone; so were we. But apparently, it's a rather involved dance move performed in clubs all over Jersey and ... in kitchens everywhere, by toddlers who have no sense of balance yet. Watch Bell as she reenacts Lincoln's signature move, and shares that her daughter is now up to three words she can say: "mama," "dada" and the always good to know "boobies."

Not sure about you, but we already love this kid.

Image via YouTube

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