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Mom and Dad Recreate Son's Selfie in Epic Fashion

Parents recreate their kids' selfie, goes viral

Peri Anderson is clearly winning at this whole parenting thing. Last week, after spotting his son Josh's Facebook profile photo—a selfie, of Josh and his friend Sammy—dad thought it might be fun to poke a little fun at their semi-ridiculous poses and expressions by recreating the photo himself. So he grabbed his wife Deborah, snapped the selfie spoof, and uploaded it to Imgur and Reddit—where it promptly went viral.

That's because dear old dad didn't just pose in a similar fashion to his son and his friend; he and his wife donned the same clothing, matched the expressions almost perfectly, and even took the time to make a pretend flower tattoo to match the one Sammy sports in the original. The results? They're pretty hilarious:

As for how his son and his friend reacted? They thought it was awesome. Peri later told Huffington Post that "Both [Josh] and Sammy thought it was very funny, and they didn’t have any reason to be mad or upset as they know my sense of humor and knew that it was done in a loving manner."

Plus, what teen wouldn't want their selfie to go viral? We're pretty sure they are both loving this right now.

Image via Imgur

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