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WATCH: Singing Baby's Adorable Vine Video Gets a Remix (or Two)

Vine video of singing baby gets remixed

We sure do love us some hilarious Vine videos. And Vines featuring singing babies? Even better! So it's no wonder that when Kalli Carr uploaded a clip of her 8-month-old niece, Jolene, crooning longingly in the backseat of the car a few weeks ago, we all fell in love. As Jolene stared out the window and sang in her car seat, she looked, in a word, forlorn. She was also hitting some pretty interesting notes. And it was adorable.

Jolene's little backseat ditty could have been left at that—for Vine enthusiasts to play on repeat and fawn over, and then move on to some other five-second clip of the moment. But that's when Vine user MarksBasementRecords stepped in, to show us what he heard while he was listening to Jolene.

The result? One pretty sick remix.

But it wasn't long before MarksBasementRecords was quickly outshone by Vine user Austin Miles Gerty (and friends), who showed us all what can happen when you have just a little too much time on your hands...

Yea, we're still pretty partial to MarksBasementRecords' remix. Not really sure what's happening in that second clip, but it feels weird.

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