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That Couple Who Asked the Internet to Name Their Kid Had Their Baby. And Her Name Is...

Couple who asked Internet to name their baby has baby
Photograph by Getty Images

It's amazing what the Internet can do when the people who use it join forces. Its latest crowning achievement: naming a baby—without wildly embarrassing results.

In case you're not familiar with the story, a few months ago, dad-to-be Stephen McLaughlin decided to set up NameMyDaughter.com, on which he bravely asked the Internet to suggest names for his future baby. He wasn't super clear as to why, but as the tagline of his site asks, "What else is a geek dad to do?"

Then he sat back and watched the suggestions roll in. They ranged from the seriously weird (Megatron) to the hilariously awesome—but still weird (Zelda).

There were, of course, some ground rules. As Stephen wrote on his site, he and his wife would ultimately be making the decision themselves, regardless of vote counts, so names like "WackyTaco692" would not be making it onto the birth certificate any which way.

But, luckily for the McLaughlins, they didn't have to worry about that. There were definitely some normal (and pretty cool) options in there, too. So when their baby girl was finally born on April 7, they were able to give her the name that the Internet voted for.

Their new baby's name is—drum roll, please ... Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin!

We definitely like the sound of this one. What do you think?

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