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New Film Talks Breast-Feeding, and It's a Must-See

Documentary Breastmilk explores mom and dad's experiences with breastfeeding

It's been seven years since Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein teamed up to produce the eye-opening (albeit controversial) documentary The Business of Being Born. And this May, they're back with another film that's bound to get everyone talking again. Its title? Breastmilk. Yep, Breastmilk. And by the looks of the trailer, it's a must-see.

The documentary, made by filmmaker Dana Ben-Ari, follows the stories of moms and dads all over the country who share their honest thoughts, feelings and struggles with one familiar yet very hot-button topic: breast-feeding.

From moms who run late to board meetings just so they can pump (despite "feeling like a cow"), to dads who admit they are just a tad weirded out by the whole thing ("I'm a shy person, so therefore I get shy around people who are exposed"), their stories run the gamut. And so do their conflicted feelings about it all. "Can I breast-feed and at the same time have my breasts be part of my intimate relationship with my husband?" one mother asks. Another discusses how so many woman face tremendous issues even producing breast milk at all. (For some, "it's just impossible," she says.) And at one point, a gay couple admits they even researched male lactation to get their baby milk.

But despite their different perspectives and varying stories, all of the parents in the film are united by one common theme: They are just trying to do what they think is best for their child, whatever that may be.

Breastmilk premieres in select theaters on May 7.

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