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Survey Says: The Weirdest Baby Name Ever

Baby Playing with Blocks
Photograph by Getty Images/Fuse

Celebrities seem to have an uncanny talent for coming up with bizarre baby names (Apple, North, Kal-El, Kyd, Destry), but are they truly the weirdest names around?

According to a new survey by eBabyNames.com, people seem to think not. So what is the weirdest baby name out there?

A total of 1,500 survey participants agreed that Zzyzx was the weirdest baby name.

If you're wondering how you might pronounce such a ... word/name/string of letters, you're not alone. Apparently it's something along the lines of "Zay-zix."

While that might seem like an obvious choice on a list of weird baby names, the survey didn't make it easy—also among the choices were Nimrod, Lucifer and Jealousy.

But it gets weirder ... Zzyzx is actually a town in California!

According to the Social Security Administration records, at LEAST five babies have been named Zzyzx. We can't help but wonder if these kids change their names as soon as they're legally able—or what their parents were thinking...

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