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Seattle Restaurant Is Serving Baby-Sized Burritos. (And They Can Prove It)

Restaurant serves baby-sized burritos

It's safe to say the West Coast is semi-obsessed with babies and burritos. Back in the fall, a California-based company caught everyone's attention when it started marketing swaddle blankets designed to mimic an actual tortilla wrap—all so parents could turn their babies into burritos. Now, a Seattle restaurant is earning its fair share of headlines for its role in the whole "baby burrito" craze. But this time, instead of making babies look like burritos, they're making burritos look like babies... (or at least baby-sized.)

Yep, Gorditos Healthy Mexican Food apparently rewards its patrons with a humungous baby-sized burrito when they bring in their newborn babies—and pose their little ones for a photo beside it. As a result, there are some seriously adorable (or weird?) "baby vs. burrito" photos floating around the Internet these days.

But according to Shannon Hall, whose parents opened Gorditos 18 years ago, the photo tradition actually got its start back in 2000. When a customer was eating a burrito, he noticed it was more or the less the size of his own child and took a quick photo of the hilarious comparison. Hall took over management in 2008 and has been covering the restaurant walls in "baby vs. burrito" photos ever since. (In case you're wondering, so far Gorditos is up to 300.)

The best photo to-date? "A year ago, we had a set of twins, which was pretty adorable," Hall shared with TODAY.com. Even better: the original customer who got the whole tradition started still brings his kid in every year to take a photo beside the burrito. Too cute!

If you're ever in Seattle, swing by Gorditos on 85th Street and come hungry—just don't forget to bring your baby.

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