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Dad Kicks 6-Year-Old Son Off Skateboard Ramp

Worst father ever?

Marcus Crossland, of Arlington, Fla., might have picked up that dubious honor after kicking his 6-year-old son off of a tall skateboard ramp at a local park.

Caught on video by 13-year-old Ryan Stephens, Crossland is seen standing next to the little boy, who looks nervous to skateboard down the steep half-pipe ramp. So instead of, say, talking to the little guy, Crossland instead walks behind him and kicks him, causing him to fall and scream in pain, in terror or both.

Reporters from First Coast News in Jacksonville, Fla., watched the video and reached out to Crossland, who said that the Jacksonville Sherriff's Office wants to speak to him.

Not only that, but the outlet also reached out to the Department of Children and Families.

"After watching the video, spokesperson John Harrell said DCF is investigating the incident," the news site reports.

Photo via YouTube

(h/t Mandatory)

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