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Study: Your Kid's Not Trying to Ignore You

boy watching tv
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Seeing that the garbage hasn't been taken out and your kid is still playing video games, you ask him to take it out. He ignores you, and you yell louder. What's going on?

Well, apparently, kids can actually be "blinded" to surroundings when focused on even a simple task. But the implications go far beyond responding to requests to take out the trash or other chores when kids are reading, watching TV or otherwise; it even extends to safety on roads, according to the Daily Mail.

"That children have much less peripheral awareness than adults has important implications for child safety," says Professor Nilli Lavie of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. "Parents and carers should know that even focusing on something simple will make children less aware of their surroundings, compared to adults."

How bad can this get?

"A child trying to zip up their coat while crossing the road may not be able to notice oncoming traffic, whereas a developed adult mind would have no problem with this," says Lavie.

So make sure to grab your little one's hand when crossing the street and remain vigilant when in potentially dangerous situations: They may know better but they just might not notice.

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