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High School Students Arrested During Senior Prank

Early this morning, 62 teens were arrested for allegedly pulling a bad senior prank at their high school in Teaneck, N.J.

The students broke into the school around 2 a.m., unknowingly tripping a security alarm. When the police arrived at the school, expecting to find burglars, they instead encountered dozens of students defacing the school's hallways.

Reports indicated that the kids were dragging the school's furniture into hallways, rubbing doorknobs with petroleum jelly and spraying silly string everywhere. Officials also said that the school had to clean up urine from the prank.

When they were discovered, some students ran, while others attempted to hide, but police say they're confident they caught the majority of the students involved. Of the arrests made on site, most of the students were minors and were therefore released from custody to their parents. Twenty-four of the students, however, were over 18 and were arraigned in court for charges of burglary and criminal mischief, the Los Angeles Times reported.

While the students probably meant to prank their peers and faculty in a lighthearted manner, they took things way too far.

Did you partake in a senior prank? Did you get caught?

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