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Physical Discipline Is Still Prominent (But It Doesn't Work)

Father Shouting At Young Daughter
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Growing up, you were probably given one or two swift taps on the bottom for misbehaving. If you recall, though, you also probably went right back to misbehaving minutes, if not moments, later. Now, more research proves that physical discipline isn't working (but parents are still doing it).

Researchers conducting a study at Southern Methodist University in Dallas placed recording devices in homes of more than 30 families. During the recording period (less than a week), the researchers counted more than 40 times when parents struck their children. That number was much higher than families reported when they are surveyed.

The researchers also found that parents who shouted excessively were also more likely to resort to physical violence.

Another unsurprising stat was that after the kids were punished, about 75 percent of the time they went back to misbehaving within just 10 minutes!

The study's lead researcher noted that the punishment doesn't work, "but more than that, it can result in behavioral problems like aggression or anxiety and depression."

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